WedInspire: The Disney Bride

Have you ever wondered why all girls love gorgeous Gowns, Shoes and Tiaras? It’s because of the two very important men in our lives: Daddy and Disney! Yes, that was quite a combination when these two men sat with us—they told us to dream, to go after our dreams, and that dreams do come true.  They even told us that WE are Princesses!

This winter, Disney became very clever and partnered with someone very important, Mr. Harrods! Disney and Harrods bring to life what we girls have dreamt of all our lives: walking down the aisle with our Daddy to our Prince Charming in those gorgeous Shoes, Tiaras and Gowns as one of our favourite Disney Princess.

And it seems Mr. Harrods has been very naughty and has been sneaking into our dreams somehow and hence have brought in MORE MEN, who over the years have been a VERY important part of our Wedding Dreams and  Fantasies: Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta,  Elie Saab, and the list goes on!  Disney, Mr. Harrods and these men took our breath away when we saw the result of this partnership, the window display at the Harrods Iconic Façade: “Extravagant set of window displays showcasing 10 stunning dresses created by world-leading designers…..each based on their interpretations of the original Disney Princess dresses”,  describes Tanya Ropella (Disney Consumer Product).  These windows are exactly what our dreams are made of and more, Magical and truly Enchanting!

These windows seem to define the Wedding Gown Trend of 2013: Colour  Romance, and Bling & Sparkles!  Lace, though not worn by any Disney Princess here, would still continue into 2013, thanks to a real-life princess, HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

If you ever dreamt of being a Disney Bride, you will love these gowns as much as we do. As for the ones who escaped that dream, we would love to see how you resist these. Be prepared to fall in love and Dream! Sleeping Beauty by Elie Saab is what my dreams were made of, even though Cinderella had always been my all-time favourite. Which one of these Designer Disney Princesses would you like to be on your Big Day?

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